Creating a Project

This topic describes a process of creating a project in Review Assistant. Alternatively, an existing project may be imported from TFS (for more details, see the Importing Projects from TFS topic).

Note: Only users with administrator permissions can create a new project. Review Assistant has the default user Administrator, who can set up administrator privileges for any user.

To manage project settings:

  1. Click the Options button on the Code Review Board.

  2. Go to the Projects tab.

  3. Click Add Project.

  4. Enter the Project name.

  5. Add a repository (See Repositories).

  6. Select the Save working directories as default check box to save the specified directories as default.

  7. Click Reset to defaults to reset all directories to the existing default values (See above).

  8. If sources are stored in a different folder on your computer, map them to your local folder (e.g. D:\Test Project).

  9. Add project members specifying their roles for the current project (see information on roles).

  10. Click Apply to save, Cancel to discard, or Delete to delete the changes.

Note: When adding a new repository, you must specify the default working folder that contains sources (e.g. D:\Test Project).