SQL Server Documentation: PDF, HTML, Markdown file formats

dbForge Documenter for SQL Server supports the following file formats for documentation generation:

which you can choose in the Generate Documentation dialog after you include objects and properties in the documentation. For more information about what objects can be included, see Documentation overview.


When documenting large SQL Server databases, it is better to use a .html file format. The documentation is generated with frames that create a separate main.html file for documentation and subfolders with details of database objects. When opening the main.html file, you can navigate through the documentation in the documentation tree.


If you want to document database objects in a read-only mode without a possibility to make any changes to the documentation, it is recommended to use a .pdf file format. You can share, print, or open the file on multiple devices that support the .pdf file format.


When you document large databases or database objects, you can generate web pages. For this, you can use a flexible and simple Markdown file format that allows converting .md (Markdown) files into .html files. You can open files with plain Markdown-formatted text virtually or on any application that has a Markdown extension or editor installed. In addition, since Markdown is a platform-independent language, you can work with the text on any device that uses any operating system.


You can view the examples of documentation generated in different file formats (for example, HTML and PDF) with the help of the dbForge Documenter for SQL Server tool.

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