Trial Period

When you install Devart products (apart from free ones), you have a trial period to evaluate them without purchase. Devart offers a free month-long evaluation period with software that is fully functional. If you need more time to evaluate a product, please contact the Devart sales team at [email protected]

Managing your licenses

If you’ve purchased Devart products, you can log in to the Devart website to manage your product licenses at a customer portal. You’ll need to log in with the email address and password you provided when you purchased the product. After you log in, you can view the details of every product you’ve purchased, including the number of licenses and activations for each product. You can also deactivate licenses from the website or purchase subscription extensions for up to three years.


If you’ve purchased a bundle of products, your activation key will activate all the products in the bundle. If you deactivate a bundle, all products included in it will be deactivated. If you need to extend a bundle subscription, you’ll have to buy an extension for the entire bundle, not for each or some products included in it.