Automatically upgrading using Check for Updates

The Check for Updates option checks if a more recent version of the product is available to download. When using this option, make sure your web browser connection settings are configured correctly.

If you want to check for updates for a Unit Test product, right-click a database in Object Explorer and, on the Help menu, click Check for Updates. Upgrade the SQL unit testing tool automatically with the Check for updates option

In case there is a new version available, the following Update window will be displayed.

View the Update window informing that a new version of SQL unit testing is available

To get information about the new version of the product, click What’s New?

To update to a proposed version, click Update.

Manually upgrading using the website

To upgrade your Unit Test product version via a Devart website:

  1. Download the new edition from the website.
  2. Run the installer and follow the instructions.