Sorting Trace Events

To sort trace events

To enable sorting options, stop tracing server events - click Stop Trace on the Profile Server Events toolbar.

To sort trace events in the document or to change the sort order, click a column header. Alternatively, right-click a column header, and then click Sort Ascending or Sort Descending on the shortcut menu.

To assign a secondary sorting, click another column header, while holding down the SHIFT key. You can set as many sorting columns as you need. To stop sorting on a certain column, click it while holding the CTRL key.

To clear column sorting, click Clear Sorting on the column shortcut menu.

The current sort order of a column is indicated by the sort glyph (a small arrow displayed at the column header right edge). If data is sorted in ascending order, the sort glyph represents an up-arrow. When sorting is performed in descending order, the sort glyph is displayed as a down-arrow. If the column is not sorted, the sort glyph is hidden.