Saving and Using Templates During Data Export

Template is a set of export settings stored in a file.

It’s no use wasting your time on selecting the same settings each time you export data. Select once, save multiple settings to a file, and use it to have customized export without efforts.

For example, you need to export data from an existing table to text format once a day. You can set up the export options once, and next time all you need to do is to select the Text export format and a location of the data source and click Export. To illustrate the case, let’s export data from the sales database to the sales_export.txt file, create a template, and then use it.

To create a template:

  1. On the Database menu, click Export Data.
  2. In the Export format tab, select Text.
  3. In the Source tab, select a required connection, a schema, and a database if needed.
  4. In the Options tab, set text alignment to Left, the column length to 60, and click Next.
  5. In the Output settings tab, specify a path and a name of a destination file (the one where the exported data will be saved.) Click Next.
  6. To start exporting the data, click Export.
  7. To save all settings, click Save Template and specify a name and a location of a template file in the Save As dialog box. This template will appear in the User templates area of the Template section.

To load a template:

  1. On the Database menu, click Export Data.
  2. In the Templates section, select a previously saved user template.
  3. To save the exported data, specify a path and a name of the destination file .
  4. In the Source tab, select the Source connection, database, schema, and table.
  5. Other user’s settings are loaded automatically.