Granting and Revoking Roles

Security Manager allows granting and revoking roles. To do this, you should:

  1. Open Security Manager.
  2. Expand the Users node for granting privileges to a user or the Roles node for granting privileges to a role.


The Role Editor is available for the MariaDB connections only.

  1. Select the required user or role.
  2. Switch to the Roles tab.
  3. Check the needed role or roles. Note that some roles can include other roles. You can determine this by the status of the check boxes near roles:

checked. Privileges included in this role are added to the user privileges. Note that some roles can be checked, if the user already has the corresponding privileges.

checked, but inactive. Some other role that is selected includes privileges of this role.

unchecked. Privileges of this role are not granted to the user.

  1. View the privileges granted by each selected role or roles on the Global Privileges tab.