Subversion Repository Integration Setup

To set up an integration with a Subversion repository for the project:

  1. Click the Options button on the Code Review Board.

  2. Go to the Projects tab.

  3. Select a project from the list.

  4. Click Add New Repository.

  5. Select SVN as a repository type.

  6. Specify the SVN server settings

    • URL — the repository URL, for example, http://MySvnServer/svn/MyProject/Trunk, or simply copy the URL from the Repository Browser from your SVN client.
    • Working directory — where you check out the source code, for example, C:\Projects\MyProject.
    • Credentials — login and password to access the SVN server, not required at the repository setup stage, log in dialogue will be displayed when first calling the SVN server.
  7. Enter a Description.

  8. Click Credentials and enter the login information to connect to an SVN server, then click OK.

    You will be notified when a connection is established (or if the connection failed).

  9. Click Apply.

  10. Go to the Version Control tab, and provide the path to the folder with SVN executables.

If you cannot locate the svn.exe file, you have two options:

  • download Subversion command-line binaries from;
  • if you are a TortoiseSVN user, re-install Tortoise SVN and, when picking an install location, enable the command line client tools option.

Note: If you enter a new working directory or change the existing one, you can also set it as a default directory or reset it to the default value.

Note: Working directory path may vary for different PC’s; If you change this settings, they will be stored only for current Windows user.