Mercurial Repository Integration Setup

To set up an integration with a Mercurial repository for the project:

  1. Click the Options button on the Code Review Board.

  2. Go to the Projects tab.

  3. Select a project from the list.

  4. Click Add New Repository.

  5. Select Mercurial as a repository type.

  6. Specify a repository directory for the project.

  7. Enter a descriptive name for the repository.

  8. Click Apply.

  9. Go to the Version Control tab, and provide the path to the folder with Mercurial executables.

Note: The repository directory path may vary for different PCs. If you change this settings, they will be stored only for a current Windows user.

Note: If you enter a new repository directory or change the existing one, you can also set it as a default directory or reset it to the default value.