Auto-search mode

The auto-search mode allows searching column data in Query Builder.

To enable or disable the auto-search mode, do any of the following:

  • Press CTRL+I.

  • On the Data menu, click Auto-search mode.

  • Click the Auto-search mode button on the Data Editor toolbar.

Auto-search mode button

Once the auto-search mode is enabled, to search for the required data, select a cell in a column and type the first characters of the required data. If you make a mistake when typing, press BACKSPACE and type the string again.

To navigate to the next entry, press CTRL+DOWN. To return to the previous entry, press CTRL+UP. The entries will be highlighted.

Auto-search mode


The auto-search mode does not support search by custom input. Instead, the auto-search mode searches by the first characters of the required data.