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Devart.Data.Oracle Namespace / OracleQueueMessageState Enumeration

In This Topic
    OracleQueueMessageState Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Specifies the state of the message.
    Public Enum OracleQueueMessageState 
       Inherits System.Enum
       Implements System.IComparableSystem.IConvertibleSystem.IFormattable 
    public enum OracleQueueMessageState : System.Enum, System.IComparableSystem.IConvertibleSystem.IFormattable  
    ExpiredThe message has been moved to the exception queue.
    ProcessedThe message has been processed and is retained.
    ReadyThe message is ready to be processed.
    WaitingThe message delay has not yet been reached.
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    Target Platforms: Windows 7, Windows Vista SP1 or later, Windows XP SP3, Windows Server 2008 (Server Core not supported), Windows Server 2008 R2 (Server Core supported with SP1 or later), Windows Server 2003 SP2

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