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In This Topic
    OracleObjectType Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Describes Oracle object type for the OracleError class. Object type is a logical structure of data stored in a database. A brief definitions of corresponding Oracle structures are given below.
    Public Enum OracleObjectType 
       Inherits System.Enum
       Implements System.IComparableSystem.IConvertibleSystem.IFormattable 
    ConsumerGroupA collection of user sessions that are grouped together based on their processing needs. When a session is created, it is automatically mapped to a consumer group based on mapping rules that you have set up.
    EvaluationContextA database object that defines external data that can be referenced in rule conditions. The external data can exist as variables, table data, or both.
    FunctionA schema object, similar to a procedure, that always returns a single value.
    IndexIndex is a schema object that contains an entry for each indexed row of the table or table cluster and provide direct, fast access to rows. Oracle Database supports several types of index. An index-organized table is a table in which the data is stored in an index structure.
    LibraryA schema object associated with an operating-system shared library. The name of this schema object can then be used in the call_spec of CREATE FUNCTION or CREATE PROCEDURE statements, or when declaring a function or procedure in a package or type, so that SQL and PL/SQL can call to third-generation-language (3GL) functions and procedures.
    LobLarge object. An Oracle data type designed to hold large amounts of data.
    OperatorAn Oracle structure that represents user-defined operator for manipulating data items.
    PackageAn encapsulated collection of related procedures, functions, and other program objects stored together in the database.
    PackageBodyA collection of object definitions declared in a package.
    ProcedureA schema object that consists of a set of SQL statements and other PL/SQL constructs, grouped together, stored in the database, and run as a unit to solve a specific problem or perform a set of related tasks.
    SynonymA synonym is an alias for another schema object. Because a synonym is simply an alias, it requires no storage other than its definition in the data dictionary.
    TableBasic unit of data storage in Oracle Database. Data in tables is stored in rows and columns.
    TriggerA PL/SQL procedure that fires when a table or view is modified or when specific user or database actions occur. Procedures are explicitly run, whereas triggers are implicitly run.
    TypeAn object type, represented by varying array (varray), a nested table type, or an Oracle object type.
    TypeBodyA container for the member methods defined in the object type specification.
    UnknownObject type is not defined.
    ViewA customized presentation of data in one or more tables or other views. You can think of it as of stored query. View does not actually contain data.
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