View differences in rows

The lower grid of the Comparison results window allows you to view data differences between certain tables or views. Select an object in the upper grid, and the data of that object will be displayed in the tabs below.

Bottom grid

By default, all rows with differences are selected for synchronization. Use checkboxes to include or exclude the rows.

For the convenience of viewing the results, records are grouped. You can select the tab you need:

  • All Records
  • Only in Source
  • Different Records
  • Only in Target
  • Identical Records

Each tab contains a grid with the following columns:

  • A column with checkboxes
  • A comparison key column
  • Other table columns. Source and Target columns are grouped in pairs. When the values of the Source and Target columns are different, they are highlighted. The number of differences per column is shown below the grid

To move between differences, use arrows in the Row Differences grid toolbar Arrows in grid.


  • Data Compare for SQL Server doesn’t display values for tables or views that can not be compared.
  • If you have cleared the Identical records checkbox in the Display Options section on the Options tab of the New Data Comparison wizard, Data Compare for SQL Server does not show rows that are identical and a corresponding notification is displayed.

Identical records notification

Search data

To search the values

1. Click the Search icon Search icon on the Row Differences grid toolbar.

2. In the Find and Replace window that opens, specify the Find options.

Find and Replace window

3. Click Find next.

View data

To view records details, use the Data Viewer and Editor window. That is particularly convenient when working with records that take up much space.

Data Viewer and Editor