Environment Options

This section provides information about environment settings: general environment options and options designed for shortcut keys customization.

General, Environment, Options Dialog Box

This page allows you to configure the basic environment settings.

Enable Windows Explorer integration

This option allows to integrate Code Compare in Windows shell and compare any files directly from Windows Explorer. For more information, refer to the Windows Explorer Integration article.

Use standalone application from command line by default

This option defines the order of Code Compare environment selection. For more information about this order, refer to the Choosing Environment on Comparison Opening article.

Use binary quick comparison before opening

With this option enabled, your files will be checked for equality. If they are equal, the Identical Files Dialog Box appears.

Check for updates on startup once a week

This option provides automatic check for updates.

Show status bar

This option enables the status bar.

Close windows with ESC

Turns closing Code Compare application and documents on ESC on and off.

Default language

You can select a programming language for advanced editor options (Intellisense, code folding, etc.). The following values are available in this drop-down list: C#, C++, CSS, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Pascal, PHP, SQL, Text, Visual Basic, XML.


Allows you to change Code Compare appearance with four skins available.

Keyboard, Environment, Options Dialog Box

Use the Options window to adjust Code Compare behavior to your needs. To open it, choose Options from the Tools menu.

The Keyboard page contains the following options:

Apply the following additional keyboard mapping scheme

Allows you to use default shortcuts (like in Visual Studio) or other shortcut schemes (shortcuts like in Microsoftxx VC++ 6, Borland Delphi).


Resets all shortcuts to default values of the selected keyboard mapping scheme.

Show commands containing

Use this box to filter the available commands. Only commands, containing the specified string, will be displayed in the command list.

Command list

Lists available commands.

Shortcuts for selected command

Displays shortcuts for the selected command.


Removes the selected shortcut for the selected command from the list.

Use new shortcut in

Select where the shortcut will work. The following values are available: Global, Folder Compare, Text Editor.

Press shortcut keys

Click in this box and press the key combination to be set for the selected command. The box will display the combination.


Assigns the entered shortcut to the selected command. The shortcut will be added to the command shortcut list. In case there were other shortcuts previously, they remain valid.

Shortcut currently used by

If the entered shortcut is already in use, the command assigned to it is displayed in this box.

For more details, see the Keyboard Shortcuts section.