Free vs Pro

Code Compare is shipped in two editions. You can start evaluating the product with the free edition and upgrade to the Pro edition at any moment.

Free Edition

The free edition allows you to perform most of the tasks related to source comparison through the wide range of its features that include integration with Microsoft Visual Studio, Windows Explorer and a variety of version control systems; two-way comparison and merge of files and folders; a number of features aimed at working with code like syntax highlighting, Intellisense, inline changes display, etc.

Pro Edition

The set of features supplied within Code Compare Pro is enhanced with the following means:

  • three-way comparison and merge that allows you to compare and merge three files side-by-side ;
  • structure comparison that allows comparing source code by its signature, instead of the location only. Code Compare Pro supports structure comparison for several most popular languages, namely C#, C++, JavaScript, Java, XML and Visual Basic;
  • changes navigation window that displays the source structure tree and allows you to navigate between its members;
  • moved blocks detection that identifies blocks of code that are the same but have different position within the source and target panes;
  • similar code lines detection that detects approximately equal strings;
  • code outlining (folding) that allows you to enable and disable code outlining;
  • unchanged regions collapsing that allows you to collapse unchanged blocks of code and thus skip unchanged code from review;
  • word-by-word text comparison that allows you to compare whole words.
  • line-by-line text comparison that allows you to compare whole lines.