What’s New in dbForge SQL Complete v3.0

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This feature allows navigating from Code Editor straight to the object in Object Explorer (Server Explorer in Microsoft Visual Studio). If you press F12 or select the corresponding item from the pop-up menu when the cursor is over the object identifier, the program will find the object in the Object Explorer tree.

Code Snippets

The feature makes recurrent using of code fragments more comfortable and simple. The new functionality includes:

  • Inserting templates by pressing Tab.
  • Adding a new template.
  • Modifying snippet templates.
  • Opportunity to add parameters to the template.

New code completion features

  • Now all code completion features are available for temporary tables and table variables.
  • Expanding EXEC statements are supported.
  • sys.sp_* procedures are now suggested without schema prefix in EXEC statement.
  • Expanding ALTER statements for procedure, function, view and trigger are supported. By pressing Tab the document’s body is automatically inserted into the document.
  • Suggestions for DROP statements are added.
  • Context-sensitive code completion for CREATE TRIGGER statement is supported.
  • Extended support for Transact-SQL statements.
  • Default schema (dbo) is included into the object name when pasting it into the text.
  • Hierarchyid data type is supported.

Document Outline window

The feature greatly simplifies navigation in large SQL documents. You can see the current document structure in the Document Outline window. Furthermore, a user can synchronize the structure with the text straight from the code by selecting Synchronize Document Outline from the context menu.

Highlight occurrences of an identifier

The unique feature allows a user to see all identifier occurrences. In a few moments after the cursor was moved to the identifier, all the identifier occurrences in the text will be highlighted.

Improved SQL formatting component

  • Stream formatting for large documents. Application no longer freezes when formatting large SQL documents. User can cancel the process at any time.
  • Common table expression formatting is supported.
  • New formatting options for indenting JOIN clauses are added.
  • The message for invalid statements are added.

Extended quick database object information

  • The hint contains stored procedure and function parameters and descriptions.
  • The hint contains a column list when moving the mouse cursor to the * symbol in SELECT statements.
  • The hint contains a table/expression with a column list for an alias in FROM statement (where possible).
  • The hint contains column names, types, keys and some other properties.
  • Quick parameter info is displayed for drop-down list items.

Execute current statement

Now a user has an opportunity to execute just a part of the whole query using the hot key.

Performance improvements

  • Formatting speed was improved.
  • Parsing speed was improved.

Integration to Microsoft Visual Studio

  • 2008: Professional and Team System editions.
  • 2010: Professional, Premium, and Ultimate editions.

Support of new versions of Microsoft SQL Server

  • SQL Server 2012.
  • SQL Azure.
  • SQL Server Compact Edition.