What’s New in dbForge SQL Complete v2.5

Quick object info

Essential information about a database object is shown in the pop-up window when the mouse cursor is over the identifier. For tables users can see column names with data types, additional column properties (e.g., not null and identify attributes), primary, unique, and foreign keys. For other objects, the quick info includes object type and an available user description.

Expand INSERT statement feature

This feature saves much time for users as it allows them to type just a table name in INSERT statement and expand the statement to the full template by pressing the Tab key.

Export/Import settings wizard

The wizard serves for quick and handy export of the tool’s setting to a file and future usage of this file to import settings.

Context-sensitive code completion for common table expressions (CTE)

CTE significantly speeds up expression typing by prompting relevant suggestions.

Improved logic for JOIN clause suggestions

Now duplicate conditions are removed from the suggestion list to enable users quickly select a required item from the list.

Improved SQL Formatter

Delivers more formatting freedom for users by allowing them to:

  • put commas at the beginning of lines in lists, e.g., in SELECT lists;
  • use additional options to format CASE expressions and logical operands;
  • use the option to add or remove a space between a function name and an opening bracket of the argument list.

Reset Page Defaults button added

Users can find the button in the Options dialog and use it to reset setting on a required options page in one click.