What’s New in dbForge SQL Complete v6.0

Find in Results Grid Enhancements

  • Shortcut added for the ‘Find’ section of the popup menu

Execution Notification Enhancements

  • Days are included when it takes a day (days) to execute a query

Code Snippets Enhancements

  • Sort snippets in Snippets Manager

Grid Aggregates Enhancements

  • Multiple columns grid selection for Grid Aggregates panel
  • Option to make the Grid Aggregates row permanently visible
  • Support for the date/time and string data types MIN/MAX 
  • Spacing the results of the aggregate functions in the status bar

Execution Warning Enhancements

  • Analyze DROP statement
  • Analyze USE statement
  • No warnings for part of the Script

Tabs Color Enhancements

  • Status bar coloring in addition to tabs coloring
  • Objects Explorer coloring in addition to tabs coloring
  • Ability to assign different tab colors for the databases belonging to the same connection

SQL Document Enhancements

  • Items are rearranged in the popup menu for better usability
  • Proportional tab widths and the ability to control what is displayed in the tab name