Creating a new database

When setting data sources, Schema Compare can create a new database that you can then select to compare. This option may be useful if you want to create a copy of the source database.

To create a new database with dbForge Schema Compare:

1. On the File menu click New Schema Comparison.

2. In the New Schema Comparison wizard, select Database as a data source.

Selecting database as a source

3. Specify connection details for the server you want to create the database on.

4. In the Database drop-down list, select < Create New Database… >

Creating a new database


You can create a new database only in the Target section.

5. In the New database dialog window, specify a name, owner, and database files for the new database.

New database wizard

6. Click Ok.


You can not remove primary data and transaction log files. They are required to create a new database.