Viewing the SQL differences

The lower part of the Comparison Results window displays differences in the creation SQL script for an object.

Synchronize PostgreSQL databases - SQL differences window

Click an arrow button if you want to collapse or expand an SQL comparer:

PostgreSQL synchronize databases - Expand

Viewing differences

A code that is different is displayed with a colored background.

If the object doesn’t exist, the code for its creation is displayed only on one side.

Postgres Schema Compare - Code for object creation

This code will be added if you choose to synchronize databases.

SQL differences view toolbar

For the convenience of reviewing the SQL differences, Schema Compare has a toolbar, allowing to customize the view.

Postgres Schema Diff - SQL differences view toolbar

Postgres sync databases - Word-wrap button The Word-wrap button breaks long lines for a more convenient view.

PostgreSQL synchronization - Show line numbers The Show line numbers button displays a column of sequential line numbers at the left side of the box with code.

PostgreSQL sync two databases - Show lines

PostgreSQL sync tables between databases  - View white spaces button The View white spaces button displays whitespace characters as symbols.

Postgres Schema Compare - White spaces display

Postgres Schema Diff - View hex button The View hex button converts code to hex.

PostgreSQL synchronization - Sort button The Sort button sorts columns and constraints alphabetically.

If you want to format database object script, click Format script button

Viewing the schema update script

To view the deployment script for the selected object, right-click it in the upper pane, and then click View Schema Update script.

dbForge Postgres Schema Diff - Viewing the schema update script

The Update script for the object will be displayed in the lower part of the Comparison Results window.

dbForge Postgres Schema Compare - Update script