Selecting synchronization output

After you have selected the objects for synchronization, you can use the Schema Synchronization Wizard to create the synchronization script. To open the synchronization wizard, click Synchronization arrow Synchronize objects to the target database.

PostgreSQL sync two databases - Selecting synchronization output

In the Schema Synchronization Wizard, you can select one of the following options:

  • Open the synchronization script in the internal editor: The script for database synchronization will be opened in the internal editor of the Schema Compare tool. To execute the script, click Execute button on the SQL toolbar Execute on the SQL toolbar.

  • Save the script to a file: The script will be saved locally on your PC. When selected, specify a path to the folder you want to save the script to.

    If you want to open the script in the internal editor after saving, select the Open script in the internal editor check box.

    To add time and date to the file name, select the Append timestamp to the file name check box.

  • Execute the script directly against the target database: When selected, the script will be executed without your review.

Schema Compare can also refresh comparison results after successful synchronization. If you want to refresh the results, select the Refresh comparison results after successful synchronization check box.

The Output tab in the Schema Synchronization Wizard