Reviewing action plan and warnings

Action plan

After you have added objects for synchronization, you can review the synchronization actions and warnings.

In the Schema Synchronization Wizard, switch to the Summary tab to review the action plan of your synchronization.

dbForge Postgres Schema Diff - Action plan

The action plan lists synchronization actions in the order they are to be performed.

If you want to see the details of any action, click the expander arrow next to the corresponding action.

You can also click Expand all actions in the action plan of the wizard Expand all to view the description of all actions.

To collapse the open actions, click Collapse all.

To locate a specific action, type the search text in the Search box.


To view the warnings, switch to the Warnings tab. It displays the warnings that may affect the synchronization.

dbForge Postgres Schema Compare - Warnings

Synchronization warnings

The following synchronization warnings can be displayed in Schema Compare:

General warnings

  • No objects selected to synchronize.
  • X ‘Y’ has inessential distinction.
  • The auto-generated default value ‘Y’ will be inserted into the new column “X” in the table “Z”.
  • Table rebuild required.
  • The script may fail.
  • Default value should be set in the correct format for X data type.
  • WARNING: The option “X” can be used only for synchronization. This option is ignored.

Warnings related to data restoring

  • Cannot restore data.
  • Cannot restore data for column “X”, because data type is inconsistent.

Privileges loss warnings

  • Some object permissions can be lost if the granted objects will not be synchronized.
  • Possible privileges loss.

Data loss warnings

  • Possible data loss.
  • Possible data loss in the column “X” when converting from type “Y” to “Z”.
  • Type conversion for the column “X” may fail because the data may be inconsistent.
  • Data loss.
  • Data in column “X” will be lost as it is incompatible with a new data type.
  • Data update.
  • Type conversion for the column “X” may fail because the data may be inconsistent.

Warnings related to adding NOT NULL constraint

  • Adding NOT NULL constraint.
  • Adding NOT NULL constraint may fail if the table is not empty.
  • NOT NULL constraint will not be set.

Table synchronization related warnings

  • Cannot synchronize table “X” using ALTER TABLE statement.

Warnings related to keys and indexes

  • Table ‘X’ has foreign key to the table ‘Y’. Synchronization can be failed.
  • A foreign key might not recover after synchronization.
  • Synchronization process may cause loss of disabled keys and indexes.

Column mapping warnings

  • Columns ‘X’ and ‘Y’ are excluded from comparison, but will be included in synchronization.
  • Columns ‘X’ and ‘Y’ are included in comparison, but will be excluded from synchronization.
  • The script has columns with the same names. Mapping doesn’t allow it.

Connections encoding warning

  • Connections have different encodings. It may cause incorrect comparison results.