Formatting Code through the Command Line

You can automate code formatting using the command line.


The command line functionality is available only in certain editions of dbForge Schema Compare. For the detailed information on features availability in the dbForge Schema Compare editions, please refer to the Editions topic.

  1. Click Start.
  2. Type cmd in the Search programs and files text box and press the ENTER button.


    To run the Command Line in Windows 8:

    From the Desktop Mode

    • Move the mouse cursor to the exact lower left corner until the desktop shortcuts menu appears.
    • Right-click to see the shortcut menu and than click Run.

    From the Charms Bar

    • Move your mouse to the upper right corner until the Charms Bar appears.
    • Select Apps from the list and type run in the search box.
    • Click Run from the search results.

    Use Windows + R Shortcut Keys

    • In desktop mode, press the Windows + R keys, to show the Run command line.
  3. Type a path to the file located in the dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle installation folder on your PC, and press the SPACE key.

     C:\Program Files\Devart\dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle\
  4. Specify the operation you want to perform (code formatting) and the required parameters and arguments: /formatsql [/switch1[:value | [parameter1:value parameter2:value ..]] /switch2 ..]

    Tip: To see a quick help on the arguments available in the command line, type the following:

     /formatsql /?


  5. Press ENTER to run the process.


You can set the unlimited quantity of the required extensions:</br> /formatsql /sourcefolder:”c:" /filextention:.sql /filextention:.prg /filextention:*.db1

Arguments Used in Command Line

Select corresponding command line switches to perform the required operations:

Arguments in Command Line