Executing SQL Statements

How to Run Execution

Entire Script

To execute the entire script, click the Execute button on the SQL toolbar.

Alternatively, on the SQL menu, select the Execute command.

Selected Block of Text

To execute an arbitrary text block:

  1. Select the text block using the mouse or keyboard.
  2. Run the Execute command as when executing the entire script. Alternatively, select Execute Selection on the shortcut menu of SQL Editor.

Current Statement

To execute current statement, click the Execute Current Statement button on the SQL toolbar.

Alternatively, right-click a required statement and select the Execute Current Statement command on the shortcut menu.

Execute to Cursor

To execute script to the current position of the cursor:

  1. Move cursor to the required position.
  2. Click Execute to Cursor on the shortcut menu or press Ctrl+Shift+F10.

How to Stop Execution

To stop SQL execution, click Stop Execution the SQL toolbar.

Representing Query Execution Results

The query execution results can be represented in two ways - in text and in grid formats.

To represent results as text, click Results as Text on the SQL toolbar before query execution.

To represent results as grid, click Results as Grid on the SQL toolbar before query execution.