Formal Review Process

The following is a workflow example of a peer code review where moderator creates a review. In the given example, there are several reviewers involved in the code review process.

Code review with several reviewers

Moderator Creates a Review

A moderator creates a review by clicking Start New Review on the Code Review Board window. The moderator assigns an author of the code, reviewers, and optionally watchers. Also, the moderator adds a revision range, then clicks Create.

Moderator creates a review

Reviewers Comment on the Code

Reviewer(s) study the code and make comments if needed.

Reviewer comments on code

Author Responds to the Comments

The author responds to reviewers’ comments and makes changes in the code accordingly. To respond to a reviewer’s comment, the author enters a reply text into the discussion field and clicks Post.

Author responds to comment

Reviewer Finishes the Review

In case a reviewer has no more additional comments, they click Complete Review, and then selects either Accept Changes or Reject Changes.

The code review process is completed when all the reviewers have finished reviewing the author’s work and have no more comments to add.

Reviewer finishes a review

Moderator Summarizes and Closes the Review

When all the reviewers have completed the review, the moderator summarizes the results. The moderator can then close the review by clicking Close Review.

Closing the review means the end of the code review process.

Moderator closes review