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    Data Type Mapping
    In This Topic

    Type mapping rules from this table are used when MySQL Server table columns are mapped to the entity properties of LinqConnect model.

    MySQL data type CLR data type
    tinyint System.Byte
    smallint, year System.Int16
    tinyint unsigned, int, integer, mediumint, smallint unsigned System.Int32
    int unsigned, bigint, long, bit System.Int64
    real, float System.Single
    bit(1) System.Boolean
    double, double precision System.Double
    bigint unsigned, numeric, decimal, dec, fixed System.Decimal
    varchar, varcharacter, char, test, char varying, character, character varying, longtext, mediumtext, national char, nchar, text, tinytext, set, enum, binary, varbinary, json System.String
    date, datetime, timestamp System.DateTime
    time System.TimeSpan
    tinyblob, blob, mediumblob, longblob System.Byte[]