Alternative Table Editing

dbForge Studio enables to edit table structure in two ways. Use whichever method you like more.

  • First, you can do it directly from Database Explorer. Expand a table node, then expand Columns, Constraints, or Indexes node. You can double-click an item to open a dialog where all parameters of the item are accessible for editing. Once you close the dialog the changes are applied to object.

  • The other way to alter a table structure is to open a document for a table. To do this, right-click a table in Database Explorer and select Edit Table on the shortcut menu. A table structure appears in the document area with available tabs. To edit a table element, switch to the tab that contains it and double-click it. A corresponding dialog appears where you can make changes to item. To apply the changes, close the dialog and click the Save button.

You can use these two ways of editing tables simultaneously.


Changes made through Database Explorer are instantly applied and reflected in the document. When you alter a table using the document area, changes are applied only when you save the document.