Query Builder Overview

dbForge Fusion for SQL Server is a flexible tool for visual designing any queries you need. You can easily build SELECT statements with multiple tables, joins, conditions, and subqueries without typing a code manually.

Query Builder Benefits

To significantly speed up your work, Query Builder offers the following benefits:

  • Fast adding of tables to a query with drag-and-drop from Database Explorer
  • Easy editing of WHERE and HAVING clauses with the powerful expression editor
  • Simple JOIN creating on the diagram
  • Clear and quick creating of subqueries
  • Easy navigating to the query clauses

Build Queries Visually

The visual Query Builder enables you to create a query without writing or editing SQL statements. Even if you are familiar with SQL, the graphical interface makes it easier to create relationships and visualize the query.

Query document contains a diagram where you can add tables, select required columns, make joins, and the tabbed editor, where you can specify conditions, add functions, etc.

Besides the visual query editor you can also edit the code in the SQL editor. When you switch from the SQL document view to Text view, all the changes are applied to the query text in SQL Editor. When you make changes to the statement code, you can return to design view to inspect these changes in the visual mode. This will give you more flexibility while working with SQL statements.