Unless activated, dbForge Data Pump for SQL Server works on the trial basis for 30 days. When this time period expires, dbForge Data Pump for SQL Server must be activated with the purchased activation key.

dbForge Data Pump for SQL Server can be activated either online, or offline.

Online activation

This activation method requires an active Internet connection.

To activate dbForge Data Pump for SQL Server online:

  1. In Object Explorer, right click a database.
  2. Point to Data Pump, Help, and then click Activate Product.

    Activation Menu

  3. The Activation window opens. Copy your activation key from the e-mail that was sent to you after your purchase, and paste it into the edit box. The activation key looks like a long sequence of letters and digits.

    Product Activation Window

    Note If you do not see the e-mail with the activation key, be advised to check your Junk/ Spam/Bulk folders. You can always retrieve your activation key at your Customer Portal page.

  4. Click Activate.

Offline activation

Offline activation allows activating dbForge Data Pump for SQL Server right at the Devart website. This activation method helps to activate the product when the online activation fails.

To activate dbForge Data Pump for SQL Server offline:

  1. Click the Manual Activation button on the Activation window. It opens when online activation fails.

    Failed Activation

  2. Copy the activation request text with the Copy to Clipboard button, or save it to a text file with the Save to File… button.

    Manual Activation

  3. Open the Manual Product Activation page of the Devart website, and paste the copied text in the text box. Click Download license. The license file with the .lic extension is downloaded to your computer.

    Product Activation Page

  4. Return back to the Activation window of dbForge Data Pump for SQL Server and click the Load license… button. Specify the location of the downloaded .lic file and click Open.