dbForge Data Pump is installed as part of dbForge SQL Tools.

To install Data Pump for SQL Server

1. Run sqltoolspro.exe to begin installation.

2. On the Welcome to the dbForge SQL Tools Professional page, click Install.

3. On the Select Destination page, select the directory where dbForge SQL Tools will be installed. To change the default directory, click Browse. To restore the default directory, click Restore default location. Optionally, click the License Agreement link to check the end-user license agreement for dbForge SQL Tools. If you agree to the Devart License Terms, click Next.

4. On the Select Products page, you will see all SQL Tools selected for installation by default. You can select to perform full installation, install standalone tools, install add-ins, or perform a custom installation. You will find Data Pump among the add-ins. Select the tools you want to install and click Next.

5. Optionally, on the Installing page, you can interrupt the installation by clicking the Cancel button.

5. On the final page, click Finish to exit the Setup wizard.