Using Generators

dbForge Data Generator for Oracle provides a collection of generators to create different column values for the tables you want to populate.

The following basic data generators are available:

  • Check Constraint Generator
  • Constant Generator
  • Datetime Generator
  • Files Folder Generator
  • Foreign Key (auto assigned) Generator
  • Foreign Key (manually assigned) Generator
  • Lorem Ipsum Generator
  • Python Generator
  • Regular Expression Generator
  • Shuffled Text Generator
  • SQL Query Generator
  • String Generator
  • Table or View Generator
  • Text File Generator
  • Twaddle Generator
  • Uniqueidentifier Generator
  • Weighted List Generators

In addition to 15+ basic generators, dbForge Data Generator for Oracle provides 190+ meaningful generators, including advanced generators and user-defined generators.

To select a generator for a column, do the following:

  1. In the Tables and columns to populate pane, select a column for which you want to select a generator.
  2. In the Column generation settings pane, select a generator type from the Generator drop-down box.


    The Generator list features only those generators that are compatible with a data type of the selected column.

  3. (Optional) In the Fill Settings section, customize the default value generation settings. The array of settings depends on the generator type.