Options used in the command line

You can select the required options while setting the comparison in the Data Comparison wizard and generate a file with command line arguments by clicking Save settings to a command-line arguments file on the Options wizard page. Also, you can set comparison options by using the /option_name:[Y/N] switch in the Command Prompt. Specify either full or short names of the options. Here is the list of their names.

By default, dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server generates a file with command line arguments and writes all comparison and synchronization options into it. Each option is written like the following: /option_name: [Y/N]

You can edit the file to turn on/off the required options. To turn on comparison and synchronization options, edit their values to “Yes”, “Y”, “True”, “T”, or “On”. To turn off the options, change their values to “No”, “N”, “False”, “F”, or “Off”.

Each option has a full and short name. You can type either name of a required option into the Command Prompt instead of editing the file.

Below is the list of options with their full and short command line names.

Options list

Full Name Short Name Option
CheckDifferent chkdiff Include different records into comparison results
CheckIdentical chkequal Include identical records into comparison results
CheckOnlyInSource chksource Include only in source records into comparison results
CheckOnlyInTarget chktarget Include only in target records into comparison results
CompareClrTypesAsBinary clrasbin Compare and synchornize CLR types as binary, otherwise as string
CompareColumnStoreTables colstore Compare tables with COLUMNSTORE indexes
CompareMemoryOptimizedTables moptimize Compare memory optimized tables
CompareTables tables Include tables into comparison
CompareViews views Include views into comparison
ExcludeObjectsByMask meobjmask Exclude tables or views by mask
IgnoreBlobColumns miblob Ignore blob columns during comparison
IgnoreCase icase Ignore case in symbols for non-key columns
IgnoreColumnsByMask micolmask Specify a custom wildcard expression for columns names to exclude columns from comparison
IgnoreComputedColumns micomput Ignore computed columns
IgnoreEndOfLine ieol Ignore end of line characters during comparison and synchronization
IgnoreIdentityColumns miident Ignore identity columns during comparison
IgnoreLeadingSpaces ilspaces Ignore leading spaces
IgnoreRowguidColumns mirowguid Ignore ROWGUID columns during comparison
IgnoreTemporalTableSysColumns isyscol Ignore coumn is SYSTEM_TIME for temporal tables
IgnoreTimestampColumns mitime Ignore TIMESTAMP columns during comparison
IgnoreTrailingSpaces ispaces Ignore whitespaces in the end of strings during comparison and synchronization
IncludeObjectsByMask miobjmask Include tables or views by mask
IsEmptyStringEqualsNull emptyeqnull Treat NULL and EMPTY STRING as the same value
IsIgnoreTime itime Ignore time for fileds of the DATETIME type and compare only dates
MappingIgnoreCase micase Ignore case in object names when mapping them
MappingIgnoreSpaces mispace Ignore spaces in object names when mapping them
MappingIgnoreUnderscores miunder Ignore underscore in object names when mapping them
RoundFloatTypes round Round float types up to 3 digits
AddBackupType addbt Create a differential database backup
AddingErrorHandling adderrorhandle Handle errors when performing comparison ans synchronization
AddTransactionIsolationLevel addtransiso Specify transaction isolation level
BackupExtension extbackup Specify the extension for the backup file
BulkInsert bi Use bulk insert for data insertion
CheckConcurrencyUpdates concupd Check for the concurrecncy updates
CreateBackupFolder cbackupfolder Create folder for database backup
DisableDdlTriggers noddl Disable DDL triggers in the beginning of synchronization
DisableDmlTriggers nodml Disable DML triggers in the beginning of synchronization
DisableForeignKeys nofk Disable foreign keys in the beginning of synchronization
DisableSecurityPolicy dissecpol Disable security policies before synchronization and enable after that
DropCheckConstraints dropcheck Drop check and not null constraints in the beginning of synchronization
DropKeys dropkeys Disable primary keys, indexes and unique constraints
ExcludeComments nocomments Prevent comments generation in a synchronization script
ExecuteAsSingleTransaction tran Execute a synchronization script as a single transaction
FileStoragePath fspath Specify a backup file location
IncludePrintComments iprint Include print comments into output while executing the script
IncludeUseDatabase inud Add USE clause to the script
NeedCompressBackup comprbackup Perform backup compression
ReseedIdentityColumns reseed Reseed a current value for identity columns
RestoreConstraintsWithCheck checkconstrrestore Restore constraints with CHECK
UseSchemaNamePrefix fullnames Generate fully qualified object names
IncludeComparisonSettings incsettings Include comparison settings
IncludeDifferencesPerColumns incdiffcols Include differences per columns
IncludeIdenticalObjects incident Include identical objects
IncludeObjectsData incdata Include objects data
IncludeOnlyColumnsWithChanges inccolswchanges Include only columns with changes
IncludeSyncScript incscript Add synchronization script
IncludeSyncWarnings incwarn Add synchronization warnings
ToleranceInterval tol Specify the module of difference between the values of source and target
ExcludeNewAddedObjects excnewaddedobj Compare only those tables and views that are explicitly included in the saved project (*.dcomp)