Product Update Manager Dialog Box

This dialog box is displayed when a new version of Code Compare is available for download. To open this dialog, in the menu bar select Help->Check for Updates.

To make Code Compare check for updates automatically:

  1. Select Tools->Options in the menu bar.

  2. In the Options window expand the Environment node and select the Check updates on startup once a week check-box.

This dialog box contains the following information and controls:

Product information

This area of the dialog box displays information about the available update.


Displays the product name.

Current version

Displays the product version currently installed.

New version

Displays the new product version available for download.

File size

Displays file size to authenticated users.

View revision history

Click this link to navigate to the Code Compare revision history.


Press this button to update the product information.

Devart authentication (registered users only)


Enter your login in this field.


Enter your password in this field.

Save login info

Select this check-box to save your login information.

Save downloaded installation

Select this check-box to save the downloaded installation.

File name

Specify the path for the installation.


Use this button to navigate to the required folder.

Just download file (do not launch installation)

Select this check-box to download the file without launching its installation.


Click this button to open the help file.


Click this button to install the updated version of Code Compare.


Click this button not to install the updated version and to close this dialog.