Code and Text Editor

The text editor is a word processing utility where you enter and edit code or text.

Text or code editor consists of following parts.

File Location

The combo boxes at the top of the document area allow you to locate and select files for comparison.

Navigation Bar

The drop-down lists below the file location combo boxes display the name of the class and field in which the cursor is currently located and allow you to select and navigate to the required segment of code.

Code Pane

The area where code is displayed and edited.

Line Numbers

Line numbers are displayed to the left of comparison panes.

Margin Indicator Bar

The gray area to the left of the editor. Margin indicators, such as bookmarks, are displayed there.

Vertical Scrollbar

Vertical scrollbars can work either synchronously or independently. In the first case, Code Compare will match the scroll positions of the linked files. As one file is scrolled, the other file is scrolled as well. If you want to change a scrollbar behavior manually, just hold the SHIFT button. Please note, that this option doesn’t work in Visual Studio when the Word Wrap option is turned on.

Navigation Map

The navigation maps on the outer sides of the comparison panes enable instant navigation through comparison results.

Document Header Popup Menu

To call this menu, right-click the comparison document tab.


Saves the file open in the currently active pane.

Close Document

Closes the comparison document.

Close All But This

Closes all comparison documents except the current one.

Copy Full Path

Copies the path to the file open in the currently active pane.

Open Containing Folder

Opens the folder containing the current file in Windows Explorer.


Expands selected tab group to fit the document area.


Returns all tab groups to the default size.

New Horizontal Tab Group

Creates a new horizontal tab group.

New Vertical Tab Group

Creates a new vertical tab group.