Diagram Shortcuts Overview

Diagram allows you to speed up your work with keyboard shortcuts. This topic explains how to use them to perform certain operations using keyboard.

Some diagram shortcuts can be customized.

Moving Focus and Selecting Shapes

To switch between shapes, use the TAB (SHIFT+TAB) keys. TAB key moves focus and selection forward, SHIFT+TAB moves it backward. To select multiple shapes, move focus with CTRL+ALT+TAB or SHIFT+CTRL+ALT+TAB shortcut and add required shapes to selection with the SPACE key (these shortcuts are not available in Windows 7).

Moving and Resizing Shapes

To move selected shapes with snapping to the grid, use arrow keys. To move the shapes one pixel, press the CTRL+arrow keys. To resize the shapes, press the SHIFT+arrow or CTRL+SHIFT+arrow keys. To collapse/expand a table control, use the ALT+RIGHT ARROW/ALT+LEFT ARROW keys.

Bookmarking a Viewing Area of the Diagram

You can bookmark the current viewing area of the diagram by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+{0-9}. Then you can scroll the sheet or change the zoom, but quickly come back to the saved viewing area by pressing CTRL+{0-9}.

Working with Columns

To add columns to the query:

  1. Navigate to a table.
  2. Switch to its columns with the SHIFT+PERIOD keys.
  3. Use arrow keys to navigate to the column to add to query.
  4. Press ENTER to add column.
  5. Repeat steps 3-4 for all columns you want to add.
  6. Press the ESC key to move focus from the columns to the table.

Viewing Diagram

To scroll the diagram, switch focus to it with the ESC or SHIFT+COMMA keys and use arrow keys. You may also use the PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN keys. To zoom in and out use the CTRL+PLUS SIGN and CTRL+MINUS SIGN keys.

Other Shortcuts

You can assign shortcuts for all commands from the layout menu. These commands don’t have shortcuts by default. Use the Keyboard page of the environment options to assign shortcuts. Type Diagram in the Show Commands Containing field to filter commands.