Diagram Overview

Query Builder diagram allows you to view and edit visual query representation. Table shapes on the diagram represent tables, views and subqueries. Joins are represented as connections between table shape fields.

Table controls can be moved (by dragging them with mouse or by keyboard), resized, aligned to the diagram grid. You also can zoom in and out of the diagram using either CTRL+Mouse Wheel or Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons on the Query toolbar. Use the Actual Zoom button to return to actual zoom.

The order of overlapping shapes can be controlled using the Bring to Front and Send to Back buttons of the Layout toolbar or use corresponding items on the Order submenu of the Layout menu.

You may control diagram layout both with mouse and keyboard. All operations can be executed with keyboard.

Diagram can be customized on the General, Query Builder Options dialog box. You can enable or disable diagram grid and grid snapping, set grid step, enable or disable table shape shadow, and set diagram background color.