Command Line Options for /datacompare Operation

You can select the required options while setting the comparison in the Data Comparison wizard and generate a file with command line arguments by clicking Save settings to a command line arguments file on the Options wizard page. Also you can set comparison options by using the /option_name:[Y/N] switch in the Command Prompt. Specify either full or short names of the options. Here is the list of their names.

By default, dbForge Studio for Oracle generates a file with command line arguments and writes all comparison and synchronization options into it. Each option is written like the following: /option_name: [Y/N]

You can edit the file to turn on/off required options. To turn on comparison and synchronization options, edit their values to Yes, Y, True, T, or On. To turn off the options, change their values to No, N, False, F, or Off.

Each option has a full and short name. You can type either name of a required option into the Command Prompt instead of editing the file.

See below the list of options with their full and short command line names.

Options List

Command line option name Short Name Option
CheckDifferent chkdiff Include different records into comparison results.
CheckIdentical chkequal Include identical records into comparison results.
CheckOnlyInSource chksource Include records that are available only in source into comparison results.
CheckOnlyInTarget chktarget Include records that are available only in target into comparison results.
CompareMViews mviews Include materialized views into comparison.
CompareNamesOnlyForBFiles bfnames Only file (and directory) names are compared regardless their content. Otherwise, the file content is compared and differences in file names are ignored. Allows to copy BFILEs to a target database.
CompareTables tables Include tables into comparison.
CompareViews views Include views into comparison.
ExcludeObjectsByMask meobjmask Allows specifying a custom wildcard expression for tables (or views) to exclude them from comparison.
IgnoreCase icase Ignore case in symbols for non-key columns of the following data types: CHARACTER, CHARACTER VARYING, TEXT.
IgnoreColumnsByMask micolmask Ignore columns by mask: ModifiedDate, CreatedOn, UpdatedBy.
IgnoreEndOfLine ieol Ignore end of line characters during comparison and synchronization
IgnoreLobColumns milob Allows ignoring LOB columns during comparison. The option can be applied to the following column types: (N)CLOUB, BLOB, BFILE, LONG, LONG RAW and XML.
IgnoreTrailingSpaces ispaces Ignore whitespaces in the end of strings during comparison and synchronization. This option can be applied to CHARACTER, CHARACTER VARYING, TEXT columns.
IncludeObjectsByMask miobjmask Allows specifying a custom wildcard expression for tables (or views) to include them to comparison.
IsIgnoreTime itime Ignores time for fields of the DATETIME types and compares only dates.
MappingIgnoreCase micase Ignore case in object names when mapping them.
MappingIgnoreSpaces mispace Ignore spaces in object names when mapping them.
MappingIgnoreUnderscores miunder Ignore underscore in object names when mapping them.
RoundFloatTypes round Specify the count of digits after the decimal point. Option rounds data types.
CompileMViews compmviews Compile materialized views.
DisableForeignKeys nofk Disable foreign keys before synchronizing tables and to enable them after it.
DisableTriggers distrig Disable triggers in the beginning of the synchronization. After the synchronization, it will be enabled. This option applied to tables and views.
DropKeys dropkeys Disable non-unique indexes and check constraints in the beginning of the synchronization.
ExcludeComments nocomments Prevent comments generation in a synchronization script.
IncludePrintComments iprint Print comments into output while executing the script. If print comments are included in the deployment script, it is easier to locate items in output, including the backup file path.
RestoreSessionParameters restoresession Restore session parameters (NLS_DATE_FORMAT, NLS_TIMESTAMP_TZ_FORMAT, NLS_TIMESTAMP_FORMAT, NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS, NLS_NCHAR_CONV_EXCP, TIME_ZONE) after script done.
RollbackOnError rollback In case of error, automatically restores database to the state preceding the synchronization.
UseSchemaNamePrefix fullnames Generate fully qualified object names in the synchronization script.
UseSqlExtensionCommands sqlplus Use *SQL Plus commands SET SQLBLANKLINE AND SET DEFINE in synchronization script.
IncludeComparisonSettings incsettings Include comparison options into your report. This option is available only for HTML reports.
IncludeDifferencesPerColumns incdiffcols Include the list with the number of differences in each column to your report. For each database table, a table with the list of columns and the number of differences in them will be created.
IncludeIdenticalObjects incident Includes comparison options into your report. This option is available only for HTML reports.
IncludeObjectsData incdata Include data records available in your database tables into your report.
IncludeOnlyColumnsWithChanges inccolswchanges Only data that contains differences will be added to the report.
ReseedIdentityColumns reseed Reseeds current values for identity columns and properly modifies the START WITH values for the IDENTITY columns.