Managing Services

dbForge Studio for MySQL allows you to manage MySQL services on local and remote computers. You can start, stop and restart services, associate connections with them. Use the Service Control window to perform these actions.

To show Service Control window, select Service Control on the Database menu.

To manage services, you should add them to the Service Control list at first.

Adding Services to the Server Control List

To add services to the Server Control list perform the following actions.

  1. Click the Add Service button on the Service Control toolbar.
  2. Specify required Host in the appeared dialog.
  3. Select Show all services, if you need to add services with name that does not contain a string MySQL.
  4. Click the Scan button. If you have no enough privileges, you will get corresponding message.
  5. Select required services and click the Add button.


When opening the Add Services dialog box, last entered host will be automatically scanned for MySQL services. The host is also scanned for services when you select it in the Host box.

Associating Connections with a Service

Connections can be associated with a service. After associating, connection will close when the service is stopped. To associate connections with a service, perform following steps.

  1. Click the Associated Connections button on the Service Control toolbar.
  2. In the appeared dialog box, select required connections.
  3. Click OK.

Manipulating Services in the Server Control List

After you added required services to the Service Control list, you can start, stop and restart them by clicking the corresponding button on the Service Control toolbar.

To refresh the state of the services, use the Refresh button.

To remove a service from the Service Control list, select it and press the DELETE key or right-click it and select Remove service on the shortcut menu.