Controlling Server Variables

dbForge Studio for MySQL allows you to view and modify MySQL system and status variables with the Server Variables window. To call the Server Variables window, select Server Variables on the Database menu.

System variables indicate how the MySQL server is configured. Some of them can be changed dynamically when the MySQL server is running.

Status variables provide information about MySQL server operation. Their values cannot be changed.

To switch between system and status variables, click the System or Status buttons on the Server Variables window toolbar.

To change variable value, click in the Value column for the required variable row and edit variable. Press ENTER to apply changes or ESC to discard them. Only values of variables with names, marked with bold font, can be changed. Variable can be copied to the clipboard with its name, value and description by right-clicking on it and selecting Copy on the shortcut menu.

Variables can be grouped by category and exported to an external file for viewing or editing with Data Export Wizard by clicking the corresponding button on the toolbar.