Saving and Restoring a Diagram

Diagrams can be saved and restored just like any other document by using the Save and Open buttons on the Standard toolbar.

Diagram does not store information about database object details offline. So, when you open the diagram, dbForge Studio will try to establish connection with MySQL database containing objects of the diagram. If the connection cannot be established, the diagram will not be opened.

Diagram stores the following information when saved to a file:

  • layout information
  • information about containers, notes, stamps
  • connection information
  • diagram database object names and owners
  • names of the foreign keys, displayed on the diagram as relations
  • diagram options

If the diagram database was modified after saving the diagram, diagram updates information about all database objects displayed on it, when opening. But the newly created objects in the database do not appear on the diagram. If the diagram object was deleted from the database, it is deleted from the diagram.