Options Used in Command Line for /copydatabase

You can set database copying options by using the /options switch.

To turn on the option, specify: Yes, Y, On, True, T. To turn off the option, specify: No, N, Off, False, F. You can use this switch as many times as many options you want to specify.

See below the list of options with their full and short command line names.

Options List

Full Name Short Name Option
BulkInsert bulk Use bulk insert
DisableForeignKeys nofk isable foreign keys
FlushLogs flush Flush logs
IgnoreDefiner nodef Exclude DEFINER and SQL SECURITY clauses
IncludeNoAutoValueOnZero noval Include NO_AUTO_VALUE_ON_ZERO in script
IncludePartitionClause partition Include partition clause
IncludeTriggers trigger Include triggers
LockAllTablesForRead lock Lock all tables for read (Flush Read Locks)