procedure RetrieveAttributesByHandle(Attrs: TScSFTPFileAttributes; const Handle: TScSFTPFileHandle; const Flags: TScSFTPAttributes = []);



Call the RetrieveAttributesByHandle method to retrieve the attributes for a previously opened file.

If NonBlocking is False, then RetrieveAttributesByHandle returns control after receiving attributes from the server and writing them to the Attrs object. Otherwise the attributes are set to Attrs on executing the OnFileAttributes event. If the server returns an error, the OnError event is generated.



Attrs - an object to which the attributes of the requested file will be written.
Handle - a handle previously returned in the response to OpenFile or OpenDirectory.
Flags - specifies the attribute flags in which the client has particular interest. This parameter is supported starting with the version 4 of the SFTP protocol.


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