TScSFTPErrorEvent = procedure(Sender: TObject; Operation: TScSFTPOperation; const Filename: string; const Handle: TScSFTPFileHandle; ErrorCode: integer; const ErrorMessage: string; var Fail: Boolean) of object;


property OnError: TScSFTPErrorEven;



The OnError event occurs when the server returns an error when executing some operation.



Sender - the object that raised the event.
Operation - determines during which operation the error occurred.
Filename - the name of the file or directory with which the operation was performed.
Handle - the handle of the file with which the operation was executed. May be of the nil value.
ErrorCode - holds the error code. To learn the error codes, refer to the EScSFTPError topic.
ErrorMessage - holds the readable description of the error.
Fail - if the NonBlocking property is False, then set the Fail parameter to False to prevent raising an exception, and set this parameter to True to raise the EScSFTPError exception. If the NonBlocking property is True, this parameter is ignored.


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