TScSFTPAttribute = (aSize, aAllocationSize, aOwnerGroup, aPermissions, aAccessTime, aCreateTime, aModifyTime, aChangeAttrTime, aSubsecondTimes, aAcl, aAttrs, aTextHint, aMimeType, aLinkCount, aUntranslatedName, aExtended);

 TScSFTPAttributes = set of TScSFTPAttribute;



The TScSFTPAttribute enumeration represents the file attributes that have meaning when receiving or sending attributes from/to the SFTP server.


aSizeSpecifies the file size attribute (refer to TScSFTPFileAttributes.Size).
aAllocationSizeSpecifies the file allocation size attribute (refer to TScSFTPFileAttributes.AllocationSize).
aOwnerGroupSpecifies the file group and owner attributes (refer to TScSFTPFileAttributes.GID, TScSFTPFileAttributes.UID, TScSFTPFileAttributes.Group, TScSFTPFileAttributes.Owner).
aPermissionsSpecifies the file permissions attribute (refer to TScSFTPFileAttributes.Permissions).
aAccessTimeSpecifies the file access time attribute (refer to TScSFTPFileAttributes.AccessTime).
aCreateTimeSpecifies the file create time attribute (refer to TScSFTPFileAttributes.CreateTime).
aModifyTimeSpecifies the file modify time attribute (refer to TScSFTPFileAttributes.ModifyTime).
aChangeAttrTimeSpecifies the file change attribute time attribute (refer to TScSFTPFileAttributes.ChangeAttrTime).
aSubsecondTimesSpecifies that the nseconds is to be added to the seconds access time, create time, modify time, and change attributes time attributes.
aAclSpecifies the file ACL and ACE attributes (refer to TScSFTPFileAttributes.AclFlags, TScSFTPFileAttributes.ACEs).
aAttrsSpecifies the file description attribute (refer to TScSFTPFileAttributes.Attrs).
aTextHintSpecifies the file text hint attribute (refer to TScSFTPFileAttributes.TextHint).
aMimeTypeSpecifies the mime type attribute (refer to TScSFTPFileAttributes.MimeType).
aLinkCountSpecifies the file link count attribute (refer to TScSFTPFileAttributes.LinkCount).
aUntranslatedNameSpecifies the file untranslated name attribute (refer to TScSFTPFileAttributes.UntranslatedName).
aExtendedSpecifies the file extended attributes (refer to TScSFTPFileAttributes.ExtendedAttributes).


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