procedure DownloadFile(const Source, Destination: string; Overwrite: Boolean; FileOffset: Int64 = 0);



Call the DownloadFile method to copy a file from remote machine to the local.

To create local resulting file with the required attributes (for example, with the attributes corresponding to the ones that the file on the server has) process the OnCreateLocalFile event. By default file with default attributes is created.

If the NonBlocking property is set to True, then control is returned at once and you can learn the result of the operation execution by handling the OnSuccess and OnError events.



Source - holds the initial path to the file that is being copied.
Destination - holds the destination path to copy the file to.
Overwrite - specifies whether to overwrite the file with the same name if it exists.
FileOffset - the offset in bytes relative to the beginning of the file that the downloading starts at.


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