TScSFTPFileAttr = (faReadonly, faSystem, faHidden, faCaseInsensitive, faArchive, faEncrypted, faCompressed, faSparse, faAppendOnly, faImmutable, faSync, faTranslationError);

 TScSFTPFileAttrs = set of TScSFTPFileAttr;


property Attrs: TScSFTPFileAttrs;



These flags reflect various attributes of the file or directory on the server.


Note: This property is supported starting with version 5 of the SFTP protocol.


faReadonlyadvisory, read-only bit. This bit is not a part of the access control information on the file, but is rather an advisory field indicating that the file should not be written.
faSystemthe file is a part of the operating system.
faHiddenfile should not be shown to user unless specifically requested. For example, most UNIX systems should set this bit if the filename begins with a 'period'. This bit may be read-only. Most UNIX systems will not allow this to be changed.
faCaseInsensitivethis attribute applies only to directories. This attribute is always read-only, and cannot be modified. This attribute means that files and directory names in this directory should be compared without regard to case. Unless otherwise specified, filenames are assumed to be case sensitive.
faArchivethe file should be included in backup/archive operations.
faEncryptedthe file is stored on disk using file-system level transparent encryption. This flag does not affect the file data on the wire (for either READ or WRITE requests.)
faCompressedthe file is stored on disk using file-system level transparent compression. This flag does not affect the file data on the wire.
faSparsethe file is a sparse file; this means that file blocks that have not been explicitly written are not stored on disk. For example, if a client writes a buffer at 10 M from the beginning of the file, the blocks between the previous EOF marker and the 10 M offset would not consume physical disk space.
  Some servers may store all files as sparse files, in which case this bit will be unconditionally set. Other servers may not have a mechanism for determining if the file is sparse, and so the file MAY be stored sparse even if this flag is not set.
faAppendOnlyopening the file without either the ofAppendData or the ofAppendDataAtomic flag (TScSFTPClient.OpenFile) must result in an SSH_FX_INVALID_PARAMETER error.
faImmutablethe file cannot be deleted or renamed, no hard link can be created to this file, and no data can be written to the file.
    This bit implies a stronger level of protection than aReadonly, the file permission mask, or ACLs. Typically even the superuser cannot write to immutable files, and only the superuser can set or remove the bit.
faSyncWhen the file is modified, the changes are written synchronously to the disk.
faTranslationErrorThe server may include this bit in a directory listing or realpath response. It indicates that there was a failure in the translation to UTF-8. If this flag is included, the server should also include the UntranslatedName property.


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