SQL Document Shortcut Keys

Use the following shortcut keys when working with an SQL document or stored procedure.

Command Name Shortcut Keys Action Where is used
Execute F5 Execute query associated with current document SQL editor
Previous SQL Ctrl+Shift+Up Arrow Previous SQL statement from history SQL editor
Next SQL Ctrl+Shift+Down Arrow Next SQL statement from history SQL editor
SQL History Ctrl+Alt+H Open SQL History dialog SQL editor
Edit Parameters Ctrl+Shift+P Edit parameters SQL editor
Redirect Data To Output Window Ctrl+Shift+T Show data as text in the Output window SQL editor
Comment Selection Ctrl+E, C Comment selection SQL Editor
Uncomment Selection Ctrl+E, U Uncomment selection SQL Editor
Toggle Outlining Expansion Ctrl+M, M Toggle outlining expansion SQL Editor
Toggle All Outlining Ctrl+M, L Toggle all outlining SQL Editor
Stop Outlining Ctrl+M, P Stop outlining SQL Editor
  Ctrl+F2 Switch to Navigation Bar SQL Editor
  Ctrl+Alt+PgUp Switch from the current document tab to the previous tab SQL Editor
  Ctrl+Alt+PgDown Switch from the current document tab to the next tab SQL Editor

These shortcuts are default shortcuts. All shortcuts can be customized.