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    ClassAn immutable block of binary data.
    ClassCollection of objects involved in concurrency conflicts.
    ClassThis exception is thrown when an update fails because the data in the database have been updated since the client last read them.
    ClassAllows compiling and caching queries.
    ClassCaches compiled LINQ queries of the application.
    ClassRepresents the main entry point for the LINQ to SQL framework.
    ClassAllows immediate loading and filtering of related data.
    ClassThis exception is raised when any internal ADO.NET exception occurs. System.Exception.InnerException property stores the exception, that was raised on ADO.NET level. Usually it is DbException for our providers. LinqCommandExecutionException was introduced for exception unification when working with different database servers simultaneously.
    ClassRepresents a situation in which an attempted update fails because member values have been updated since the client last read them.
    ClassRepresents an update attempt with one or more optimistic concurrency conflicts.
    ClassThis class is used for solving errors that occurred during the DataContext.SubmitChanges operation. "Errors" means any exceptions that occurred after executing INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE operations.
    ClassThis class allows to execute queries with custom data load options.
    ClassProvides methods that correspond to database server functions. Methods in the SqlMethods class are only supported in LINQ to SQL queries.
    ClassTyped collection, storing ObjectSubmitError elements. Implements System.Collections.ICollection and System.Collections.IEnumerable interfaces.
    ClassUsed as an argument in the partial DataContext.OnSubmitError method.
    ClassThis exception is thrown if errors occurred while performing the DataContext.SubmitChanges operation and not all errors were processed in the OnSubmitError event.
    ClassRepresents a table for a particular type in the underlying database.
    ClassRepresents a table for a particular type in the underlying database.
    InterfaceUsed for weakly typed query scenarios.
    EnumerationThis enumeration is used to specify the action when processing concurrency conflicts.
    EnumerationThis enumeration is used to configure the DataContext entity cache.
    EnumerationThis enumeration indicates the state of an entity object.
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