TCustomIBCDataSet.Options Property

Used to specify the behaviour of the TCustomIBCDataSet object.




property Options: TIBCDataSetOptions;


Set the properties of Options to specify behaviour of a TCustomIBCDataSet object.

Descriptions of all options are in the table below.

Option Name Description
AutoClose Used to for CustomIBCDataSet to close cursor after fetching all rows.
BooleanDomainFields Used to create TBooleanField for fields that have domain of the integer data type, and the domain name contains 'BOOLEAN'.
CacheArrays Used to allocate local memory buffer for a copy of the array.
CacheBlobs Used to allocate local memory buffer for a copy of the BLOB.
ComplexArrayFields Used to store array fields as TIBCArrayField objects.
DefaultValues Used for TCustomIBCDataSet to fill the DefaultExpression property of TField objects by the appropriate value.
DeferredArrayRead Used for fetching all InterBase array values when they are explicitly requested.
DeferredBlobRead Used for fetching all InterBase BLOB values when they are explicitly requested.
DescribeParams Used to specify whether to query TIBCParam properties from the server when executing the TCustomDADataSet.Prepare method.
ExtendedFieldsInfo Used to perform an additional query to get information about the returned fields and the tables they belong to.
FieldsAsString Used to treat all non-BLOB fields as being of string datatype.
FullRefresh Used to refresh fields from all tables of the query.
PrepareUpdateSQL Used to automatically prepare update queries before execution.
QueryRowsAffected Used to increase the performance of update operations.
SetDomainNames Used to retrieve the DOMAIN name for a field.
SetEmptyStrToNull Force replace of empty strings with NULL values in data. The default value is False.
StreamedBlobs Used to handle and save BLOBs as streamed BLOBs.
StrictUpdate Used for TCustomIBCDataSet to raise an exception when the number of the updated or deleted records is not equal 1.

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