TIBCDataSetOptions.CacheBlobs Property

Used to allocate local memory buffer for a copy of the BLOB.




property CacheBlobs: boolean default True;


If the CacheBlobs property is set to True, local memory buffer is allocated for a copy of the BLOB.

Note: The CacheBlobs option controls the way streamed BLOB objects are handled. If False, application can access streamed BLOB values on the server without caching BLOBs on the client - only the requested portions of data are fetched. Setting CacheBlobs to False may reduce network traffic since only the required data is fetched, and reduce memory consumption on the client because the returned record sets do not hold contents of BLOB fields.

This feature is only available for streamed BLOBs when StreamedBlobs is set to True.

This option has no effect if DeferredBlobRead is set to False because all BLOB values are fetched to the dataset in that case.

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